Keeping kids engaged and motivated can be challenging, even for the best teachers.


Let’s face it, kids tackle difficult concepts every day and with today’s busy curriculum they barely have time to learn one concept before we move onto the next. And then let’s not forget about the endless testing.


You see their stress, you feel your own. How can you help the little treasures in your classroom enjoy their schooling? How can you give them a love of learning?


Let’s give our kids time to really consolidate their learning through meaningful, engaging and fun practice. Let’s inspire them through the use of motivating and fun hands-on activities and games.


I’m Peta, the teacher, author, and resource designer behind Teaching Trove and I am passionate about using games in the classroom.


I made the change from main-stream education to special needs eleven years ago and what I learned pretty quickly was that with my disengaged group of kids everything had to be fun and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!


These were kids who thought nothing of ripping up a worksheet that looked too hard or boring. Who thought nothing of walking out of a room (but not before overturning their chair) because that work was ‘stupid’.


Now I still had to teach the curriculum but to engage my kids it had to come cleverly disguised in the form of a game or an interactive worksheet. Add a spinner to some math equations and now you’ve turned it into fun.


And my kids were my biggest critics of what constituted fun! 


What I soon discovered was that these kids who hadn’t been engaged in learning in their mainstream classrooms were now engaged in the learning process; they enjoyed doing literacy and math centers AND were happy to come to school.


Let’s face it you are never going to hear a child ask, “Do we have to play games?”


Not every activity can be a game and we will never get rid of statewide testing but we can make learning fun and I want to help you find that happy medium.


I want to help you create a classroom that is a happy place to come to, where kids are excited to be.  A classroom where kids are engaged in hands-on, meaningful practice that helps them to really consolidate the concepts you’ve been teaching.


Want to get started?

Head on over to my free resource library and find some games to add to your classroom collection.


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Want to know more about me?

  • I’ve been teaching for 30 years now. While I’m no longer in the classroom, I do tutor. My focus is on children with learning difficulties and, of course, I use plenty of games to make the session fun.
  • I’m married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful children who are now young adults.
  • We have a lovely dog who we adopted through animal rescue. She has many challenges but is so endearing and lovable.
  • Exercise has never been my thing but I do enjoy afternoon walks with our dog and doing yoga.