Differentiate your word work activities

Have you ever noticed how your low readers want to be doing the same word work activities as your high readers? Of course with everyone on different word lists and at different reading levels this just isn’t possible, but with similar activities… well maybe!


Differentiate you classroom word work activities with editable sight word activities.


This pack of word work activities is totally editable. You can type in your words for kids who are only focusing on 3 words a week and words for those on 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 words.


Word work activities that can be differentiated for every learner


Now every child in your class can work on the same skill, but with the words that are specific to them or their reading group.

Each activity employs a multisensory approach. Children are more likely to be successful in learning their words when they say them, hear them, and write them.


Differentiate your word work activities for every child


Not every child can learn ten new words a week. For some four is the right number. If you give them an activity with more than that they can feel stressed – not a good way to encourage your poorer readers.


Differentiation with word work


With this pack you simply type your words into the appropriate columns. You might only need activity sheets  that focus on 3 words for some students and six word ones for others. That’s fine – just leave the other columns empty. Now click on the column heading and it will take you to your activities to print out. Choose from five different activities.


Editable sight word activities to differentiate you r word work

This means that you can really cater to the individual needs of every child in your class. Isn’t that the goal of every teacher?

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